Measures relating to the Environmental Conservation Rules

Domestic Regulations
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1 38

The Ministry:

(a) may declare and determine, with the approval of the Union Government and the Committee, by notification, the environmental quality standards contained in sub-section (d) of section 7 and section 10 of the Law for conservation and enhancement of environment for the whole country, or for any area or urban or rural area, river, stream, lake or any part of them;

(b) may coordinate and cooperate as may be necessary, with the relevant Government department, Government organization which is assigned duty to determine standard, other Government departments, Government organizations, Nay Pyi Taw Council, Region or State Governments, City Development Committees, local development bodies and the relevant non-governmental organizations in determining the environmental quality standards under sub-rule (a);

(c) may amend such determination under sub-rule (a), as may be necessary, for the interest of the public according to the time and location;

(d) may carry out, as may be necessary, for the observance of and carrying out the stipulations for environmental quality standard issued under sub-rule (a), by the public in addition to the relevant Government departments, Government organizations.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
2 39 (b)

may carry out necessary special inspections or surveys, at necessary times, periods and locations to enable to determine environmental quality standards.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
3 45

The Department shall inspect whether or not the businesses which are responsible to establish waste treatment facility or centre under rule 42 comply with the stipulations in respect of waste treatment and carry out, and submit in accord with the guidance of the Ministry.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
4 52

The Ministry shall determine the categories of plan, business, service or activity which shall carry out environmental impact assessment.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
5 54

The business, department, organization or person who would carry out categories of plan, business service or activity stipulated under rule 52:

(a) shall conduct environmental impact assessment for his plan, business service or activity;

(b) submit to the Ministry in advance by which organization person or third person, the environmental impact assessment is intended to be carried out;

(c) submit the environmental impact assessment report to the Ministry.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
6 55

The Government department, organization or person which carry out the plan, business service or activity which are responsible to carry out the environmental impact assessment or initial environmental examination which is established before the issue of these rules;

(a) shall submit to the Ministry, after drawing environment management plan in accord with the procedure relating to the environmental impact assessment.

(b) shall implement and carry out the environment management plan which approved and scrutinized by the Ministry and matters stipulated by the Ministry within the time stipulated by the Ministry.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
7 56

The person who carries out any project, business, service or activity shall arrange and carry out for conducting the environmental impact assessment for the project, business or activity by a qualified third person or third party accepted by the Ministry.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
8 57

The Ministry shall, on submission to the Ministry in advance by which organization or third person, the environmental impact assessment is intended to be carried out under sub-rule (b) of rule 54, determine and decide, after making scrutiny by the Ministry, whether or not it is suitable level of international organization or third person to carry out the environmental impact assessment. The decision of the Ministry relating to such matter is final and conclusive.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
9 61

The Ministry may approve and reply on the environmental impact assessment report or environmental management plan with the guidance of the Committee.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
10 62

The Ministry shall determine and declare categories or business, workplace, or factory which may affect the necessary environmental quality to obtain prior permission after obtaining the approval of the Committee and the agreement of the Union Government.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
11 63

The owner or person in possession of the category of business, workplace, or factory stipulated under section 21 of the Law and rule 62 shall apply to the Ministry in the application (Form-1) to issue the prior permission.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
12 66

The Ministry, in issuing prior permission, whether or not it is complied with the stipulated terms and conditions:

(a) may assign duty to the Department to scrutinize and submit;

(b) may inform to the relevant Government department or Government organization to scrutinize and reply.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
13 67

The persons who desirous to carry out work of investment project shall carry out to obtain the prior approval of the Ministry in accord with whether or not it affects the environment.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
14 68

For the goodness of environmental management, the small-scaled private enterprises, mills and factories which are not included in the categories stipulated in under rule 52 and 53 and 62 shall obtain the agreement of the Department in accord with whether or not it affects the environment, before applying for permission, license to the relevant Ministry to construct or operate the business.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
15 69 (a) (b)

(a) Any person shall not emit, cause to emit, dispose, cause to dispose, pile and cause to pile, by any means, the pollutants to environment and the hazardous waste or hazardous material stipulated by notification under the Law and any of these rules at any place which may affect the public directly or indirectly.

(b) Any person shall not carry out the actions which can be damaged to natural environment which is changing due to ecosystem and such system, except the permission of the relevant Ministry in order to the interest of the public.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations
16 74

Any person who finds the commission of any act or the violation of any prohibitions which may affect the environment may, for environmental conservation, inform to the relevant Township General Administration Department or relevant department, organization or the ward or village-tract administrator.

MODE 3 Domestic Regulations