Notification No. 1/2019 Order for the Application of Advance Permission

Domestic Regulations
sr. Para measures mode remarks
1 1 (a)

(a) Hotel means a building having at least twenty double bed rooms providing for the accommodation of the guests with food, beverages and other services by charging fees in commercial basis. In this expression, the building which is used for the accommodation without charging any fee by the religious and social association, offices or organization are not included.  

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
2 1 (c)

(c) Entrepreneur means a person, a company or an organization which applied for advance permission to construct or renovate the Hotel or Guest House.  

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
3 2

The entrepreneurs shall submit the following information and documents when applying the advance permission: 

(a) an application for the advance permission;

(b) Form for advance permission proposal (Annex); 

(c) the recommendation from Nay Pyi Taw Council, Regional or State Government;  

(d) the recommendation from the Township General Administration Department; 

(e) the recommendation from the word or village administrative office; 

(f) the recommendation from the respective township development committee (Nay Pyi Taw Development Committee, Yangon City Development Committee, Mandalay City Development Committee if it is located with the territory of Nay Pyi Taw, Yangon, Mandalay respectively);  

(g) the recommendation from the township police force; 

(h) the recommendation from the township fire department; 

(i) the recommendation from the township health department; 

(j) Architectural Design of the Hotel or Guest House to be constructed signed by the responsible engineer (Site Plan/ Floor Plan/ Room Plan);

(k) the recommendation from the environmental conservation department; 

(l) evidence document for land ownership, lease document if the land leasing, leasing document if the building is leasing; 

(m) the evidence for the financial background for the construction of Hotel or Guest House; 

(n) the recommendation from the Archaeology and National Museum Department, Ministry of Religion and Culture, if the proposed land and building is located near the Archaeological Site; 

(o) the recommendation from the Forest Department if the proposed land and building is located near the forest and natural environment preservation area; 

(p) the recommendation from the Civil Aviation Department if the proposed land and building is located near the airport; 

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
4 3 (a) (b) (c)

The Entrepreneur shall abide the followings when applying the Advance Permission: 

(a) The land shall be suitable for construction of Hotel or Guest House and shall submit the evidence documents for land ownership or evidence document for leasing if the land is leased; 

(b) The land for construction of Hotel or Guest House shall be suitable for the nature of business; 

(c) If the building is constructing for Hotel, the following shall be complied: 

(i) the land area shall have at least over 40 ft x 60 ft; 

(ii) the surface area of the building shall have minimum of 30 ft; 

(iii) there shall have minimum of (20) bed rooms and above and if the bed room is single room, the measurements are 10 ft length, 10 ft width and ceiling height shall be 9 ft (area of 100 square feet) and if the room is double room the measurements are 12 ft length, 12 ft width and ceiling height shall be 9 ft (area of 133 square feet); 

(iv) every bed room shall attach the birth room and toilet with the measurements of 7 ft length, 5 ft width and 9 ft height;

(v) the location shall be suitable for hotel business and it shall be located far from the religious building and school; 

(vi) the building shall be constructed separately and inclusive of safety exit stairs;

(vii) if the building is Three stories and above, the emergency exit stairs shall be installed which is usable and structured for security and fire safety. Fire Alarm, Sprinkler၊ Fire Hoses Reel shall be installed in accordance with the instructions of the Fire Department;

(viii) the building shall be constructed with the good ventilation and having enough lighting; 

(ix) if the building is Four stories and above, at least one elevator shall be installed;  

(x) having suitable spaces for car parking; 

(xi) the facilities shall be provided in accordance with the hotel rating (e.g. Safety Box, Phone, plug points and mini Fridge);

(xii) the lobby and reception counter shall be included; 

(xiii) at the public places, at least two wash rooms shall be included; 

(xiv) the bed rooms shall ne be located at the basement; 

(xv) every bed room shall have enough lighting and good ventilation; 

(xvi) every bed room shall formed safely and separately; 

(xvii) the dining room and kitchen shall form separately;  

(xviii) the plan for the disposing of the waste and garbage from the hotel in accordance with the instruction of respective department to avoid environmental pollution. The Bio Filters and anaerobic system shall be installed. 

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
5 7

A person who received the Advance Permission shall submit the completion report to the Regional Tourism Committee once in every six month. 

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation / Central and Regional
6 8

The Entrepreneurs shall apply the license to the respective Regional Tourism Committee once the completion of the hotel or guest house building with the permission of Regional Tourism Committee. 

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation / Central and Regional