Measures relating to the Printing and Publishing Enterprises Rules

Domestic Regulations
sr. Rules measures mode remarks
1 3

Those who want to do business must apply for a certificate from the Ministry before commencing the business.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
2 4 (a)

(a) Citizens or foreigners who want to do business under sub-sections (a) and (b) of Section 4 of the Law must apply for the certificate in accordance with the following conditions:

(1) The applicant must be over 18 years old;

(2) If the applicant is a foreigner, a copy of the investment permit of the Myanmar Investment Commission for the business applied for must be attached;

(3) If the applicant is a citizen-owned company or organization, a copy of the registration certificate of the company or organization must be attached;

(4) If applying for printing business, must submit a copy of the sales receipt for the printing press or a copy of the sales contract for the purchase;

(5) The expression of business name and logo must be in accordance with the existing laws.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
3 4 (b)

(b) The printing business when applying under Rule 3 shall use Form 1, to publish a newspaper for publishing business, Form 2, to publish a journal, use Form 3, to publish a magazine, form 4, for general publication, Form 5, respectively. It needs to fill out an application form for the news agency with 6 forms;

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
4 4 (c)

(c) The applicant for newspaper publishing business must attach the following information together with the application form 2:

(i) Investment status of sole proprietorship or joint venture or association or company;

(ii) Partners, Association in case of a company, the investment ratio;

(iii) Organizational and operational plan.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
5 5

According to sub-rule (b)under Rule 4, the applicant must comply with the prescribed application form and must be sent to the Ministry with an office stamp 300 kyats.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
6 8

If a person is a certified publisher for publishing and news agency business, he/she must submit the website address to the Ministry within 14 days from the date of commencement of the business.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
7 9 (a)

(a) The certificate issued under Rule 7 shall be valid for 5 years from the date of issuance except for the following reasons:

(i) Failure to apply for a change of name within 60 days of the death of the certificate holder;

(ii) Lack of operation for two consecutive years;

(iii) Business transfer;

(iv) Failure to notify the Ministry for change within 60 days if there is a change in majority ownership of shares;

(v) Submission to the Ministry of Incompetence;

(vi) Dissolution of a company or organization related to the business;

(vii) The business was terminated according to the law.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
8 9 (b)

(b) In case of business liquidation or if the business certificate is revoked, the certificate shall be submitted to the Ministry within 60 days from the date of liquidation of business or from the date of revocation, from the date on which any matter arises under sub-rule (a) of Section 6 of the Law;

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
9 11

Applicants for a printing business certification must apply in accordance with the requirements for the following types of printers:

(a) Printing machines, Press, Offset, Gravure and Flexo Printing Machine (including plastic printers);

(b) Digital Printing Machine;

(c) Computer to Plate Machine;

(d) Types of printing presses prescribed by the Ministry from time to time.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
10 12

The operator must abide by the following rules for the relevant business:

(a) Do not allow for transferring the certificate to another person;

(b) Do not allow to amend the contents of the certificate; 

(c) Certificate of printing business shall be valid only for the printers mentioned in the machine list;

(d) The certification for publishing and news agency business shall be valid only for the business mentioned therein.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
11 13

The types of publishing activities shall be specified as follows:

(a) Publishing a newspaper;

(b) Publishing a journal;

(c) Publishing a magazine;

(d) Publication of general publications.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
12 14

If the importer or exporter of any publication under sub-section (a) of Section 11 of the law is importing or exporting for commercial purposes, the information on the publication shall be completed and submitted to the Ministry within 10 days from the date of submission or submission of Form 10.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
13 15 (a)

(a) According to sub-section (b) of Section 11 of the Law, the publisher of any publication shall deliver the six or six copies of the publication to the publisher within seven days from the date of publication, and the publisher shall return the form to the Ministry free of charge in Form 11 within 14 days.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
14 17

The name and address of the press must be specified accurately for Newspapers published in the country and publisher's name and certification number shall be specified for Newsletter, News Bulletin, Journal and publisher name and certification number must be specified on magazines and books.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
15 18

The names of the editorial staff should be included in a visible place of Newspapers, journals and magazines published in the country.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
16 20

The operator must notify the Ministry in writing within 60 days of the change in the information contained in the application form.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation
17 21

The business owner must apply to the Ministry with a fee of 10,000 kyats within 60 days from the date of damage or replacement for the expired certificate, disappearance, damage, change of business name and business address, in the event of the death of the employee or the inheritance of the business by the family, such loss or loss shall be made. The Ministry must issue a new certificate within 14 days from the date of receipt of the deposit.

Mode 3 Domestic Regulation